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Music by John Barry, Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley

Recorded August 20th 1964 (this year 50 years ago!) and released in 1964 on soundtrack album, and on many singles and EPs. The UK single was release in September 1964 (DB 7360) and the US single followed in December 1964 (UA 790). Both the original mono single version and the stereo soundtrack version are available together on the 1995 US collection Goldsinger – The Best of Shirley Bassey. The stereo soundtrack version is also available on many collections.

Goldfinger is the song which Shirley Bassey is most known for. As a result it is performed at most concerts, and is available performed on most live albums and videos and DVDs.

New studio recordings were released on the 1984 album I Am What I Am and on the 1995 album Shirley Bassey Sings The Movies. Another studio recording was released in 1992 on the Bassey Sings Bond album.

A remix of the 1964 single version has been done by the Propellerheads in 2000 and released on The Remix Album…Diamonds Are Forever.

goldfinger - 1981 reissue - centreChart Positions:
Official British Chart Entered: 15 Oct 1967
Highest: Singles: #21 Run: 9 weeks
USA Billboard Entered: 23 Jan 1965
Highest: Singles: #8 Run: 13 weeks


This is the title song from the 1964 James Bond movie ‘Goldfinger‘, with Sean Connery as James Bond and Gert Froebe as Goldfinger. The movie is also known as ‘Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger’ and in Germany as ‘James Bond 007 – Goldfinger’. It was the third movie in the record-breaking James Bond series and the first to feature a vocal track over the opening credits. See what Bond actor Sean Connery thinks about Shirley Bassey in the sleeve note that he wrote for the album 12 Of Those Songs.

This song was a worldwide hit, and sold more than a million copies in the USA alone and gave Shirley Bassey a Gold Disc in May 1965. The Peak US Billboard position was No. 8 for the United Artists single and the soundtrack LP reached No. 1. In the UK the song reached a surprisingly modest No. 21 on Columbia. This was Shirley Bassey’s first song for a James Bond Movie. Diamonds Are Forever followed in 1971 and Moonraker in 1979. Nobody else has been asked to record more than one James Bond theme.

On The Best Of James Bond – 30th Anniversary Limited Edition a version of Goldfinger sung by Anthony Newley himself has been released.

Shirley Bassey said about Goldfinger: “John Barry wrote the music. We were touring in England at the time and he was conducting for me. One day he said, ‘There is this new song for the James Bond film Goldfinger and we’d like you to do it. I know your rule that you will never listen to a song unless there are words. There are no words, I must warn you – there’s only the music, which I have done. And we’re waiting on the lyric.’ And because we had such a wonderful relationship on our tour I said to John, ‘Well, I’ll listen to it. I’ll break my rule.’ And thank God I did, because the moment he played the music to me, I got goose pimples, and I told him, ‘I don’t care what the words are. I’ll do it.’ And fortunately the words were great.”

In the sixties composer John Barry did share a bachelor pad with Michael Caine. In Caine’s autobiography, he recalls being kept awake, off and on, till dawn one night. He found Barry slumped over the piano having just finished Goldfinger. Harry Saltzman, the Bond producer, hated the Goldfinger theme and much of the rest of what Barry came up with – John Barry said: “Harry would start with, ‘This is crap!’ And it went downhill from there.

In an actual survey among Bond fans about all Bond films, Goldfinger won in multiple categories including soundtrack.

Goldfinger was also part of the soundtrack to the 1998 British movie Little Voice, which starred Jane Horrocks.




Below two videos. One of the original movie soundtrack and the other one of Dame Shirley’s fabulous performance at the Oscars last year in Los Angeles where she brought the house down and where it was confirmed for the whole world to see that she can still pull it off fifty years after she first performed Goldfinger.


He’s the man, the man with the Midas touch
A spider’s touch
Such a cold finger
Beckons you to enter his web of sin
But don’t go in

Golden words he will pour in your ear
But his lies can’t disguise what you fear
For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her
It’s the kiss of death from

Mister Goldfinger
Pretty girl beware of this heart of gold
This heart is cold

Golden words he will pour in your ear
But his lies can’t disguise what you fear
For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her
It’s the kiss of death from

Mister Goldfinger
Pretty girl beware of this heart of gold
This heart is cold

He loves only gold
Only gold
He loves gold
He loves only gold
Only gold
He loves gold

Shirley Bassey received a Gold Disc in May 1965 for Goldfinger
Shirley Bassey received a Gold Disc in May 1965 for Goldfinger
You 001


You was released as the B-side of the 1964 single My Special Dream

You 001

You 002

You 003


You, or no-one,
It will always be,
You or no-one,
No-one else for me.

You or nothing,
Nothing else will do,
I need nothing,
But my love for you.

If I lose you.
How could I go on?
Knowing that you had gone.

Never leave me,
Never say we’re through.
Tell me you love me still,
Say that you always will,
For I know I will always love you.

1964 AH




Berlin concert 1987

Shirley Bassey live in Berlin in honour of 750 years of Berlin in 1987

For this weekend you can watch the full Berlin concert from 1987 in very high audio and video quality. I know I am early this weekend with the weekend post but I will be away for the weekend and hope you enjoy this concert.

From Ian our ‘Gown Guru’ about the dress Shirley is wearing for this concert:

This gown was designed by Sara Perceval around 1983, Sara did all of the lace chiffon gowns for DSB in the 90’s. We call it the Cockerel Gown for obvious reasons. The gown was worn at Blazers in London in 1984, on British tv in 1987 and in Berlin in 1987 and several other occasions in the late 80’s. It was sadly destroyed in a fire in the early 90’s!


Almost Like Being In Love
Never Never Never
If You Don’t Understand
Arthur’s Theme
I (Who Have Nothing)
New York New York (Medley)
You ain’t Heard Nothing Yet
Born To Lose
I Am What I Am
Send In The Clown
Diamonds Are Forever
There’s No Place Like London
When You’re Smiling
Hey Jude
My Way
This Is My Life

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1987 AA

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