Hello Like Before

Hello Like Before – New Album Details Emerge Despite Delay On Official Website Announcement

Amazon are listing three physical releases of “Hello Like Before” – A Standard CD Edition and Deluxe CD Edition released November 24th, with a Vinyl Edition following later on December 15th.

01. This Is What You Are
02. Englishman In New York
03. Fever
04. I’m Still Here
05. MacArthur Park
06. Wild Is The Wind
07. Goldfinger
08. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Duet With Paloma Faith)
09. Here’s To Life
10. It Was A Very Good Year
11. Hello Like Before
12. We Got Music (Deluxe Edition Only)
13. Hey Jude (Deluxe Edition Only)

A spokesperson from Sony Music advised The Bassey Blog: “There has been a delay with the announcement, more to follow soon!”

The following cover art has been published on Sony Music’s Italian language website and has been picked up in some Italian media. It is unclear if this is the final cover artwork or if the deluxe and vinyl editions will carry alternative imagery:

Hello Like Before

Due to the unexplained delay and silence on the official website, we are affectionately nicknaming the album, “Hello, is there anybody there?” and since Italians broke the news, this song comes to mind:

About the duet ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,’ The Press reported on Paloma Faith’s idolisation of Dame Shirley Bassey. “I feel a bit like pinching myself,” said Paloma, admitting to be being “obsessed by (her) biggest, most incredible inspiration” and revealing “I’ve recorded the duet with her for her 60-years-in-music album, it’s not a secret James Bond track; I wish it was.”

London, Wednesday October 22nd: Wembley Arena reports that Dame Shirley Bassey will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s MOBO Awards show.

Los Angeles, October 29th: Yahoo reports further details of the amFAR event. Rebecca Wang will chair and Gwyneth Paltrow will host the black tie event which starts at 6.30pm with a cocktail reception prior to the fashion show. Dinner will follow at 8pm accompanied by live entertainment, including a rare American performance by renowned Welsh singer Shirley Bassey, before the evening’s cornerstone activity, the live auction. (Full details here)

Sheet 02


26203733_500_500 (1)Take Away was the B-side of the 1966 single Don’t Take The Lovers From The World. Shirley Bassey’s first single for the United Artists label. Re-released on the compilation CD The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979.


Sheet 02

Sheet 03


Take away the dawn.
I don’t need the dawn,
I’ve got you to start the day.

Take away the sun,
I don’t need the sun,
I’ve got you to light the way.

What would I do?
Where would I go?
Who would I be if you left me?
Don’t, don’t ever go.
My heart would take no time to break,
If one day I should find you gone.

Take your love from me,
Very soon there’d be,
Nothing left what dreaming of,
So take away the night and day.
The birds that sing,
Take anything,
But don’t, don’t take away your love.

1966 I

1966 Q

Sunshine 002


Sunshine was the fabulous B-side of the single The Liquidator. Later released on several compilation albums/CD’s.

Sunshine 002

Sunshine 004

Sunshine 006

Sunshine 008

Album version

Single version


Say, Why don’t you take a look into the sky,
Forget about the clouds,
They’ve all gone by,
Let’s grab a little sunshine,
Grab a little sunshine.

Hey, now come along,
You really should,
My doctor says it does you very good,
To get into the sunshine,
Get into the sunshine,
Get into the sunshine,
Lying in the sunshine
Drying in the sunshine
Lying in the sunshine,
Frying in the sunshine.

So, why don’t you let me take you out-ta town,
I know a way to get you nice and brown.
By lying in the sunshine.
Lying in the sunshine,

1966 AO NMEBassey26thNov

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