Zandra Rhodes

British designer Zandra Rhodes made several dresses for Dame Shirley. Shirley in the yellow Zandra Rhodes dress is from Fashion Aid  at the Royal Albert Hall on November 5th. in 1985. Photos of her with Grace Jones and also Mick Jagger. They were at the same event and the photos appeared in one of her tour programmes! (With special ‘thanks’  to Ian, the Gown Guru and Susan)

Shirley wearing a Zandra Rhodes creation
zandra rhodes


fashion 3a
With Mick Jagger

fashion 1a

fashion 2a

fashion 4 dsa
With Dave Stewart

fashion 4 gja
With Grace Jones

Shirley Bassey at the  Zandra Rhodes fashion show

 Shirley Bassey on “Classmates” with Zandra Rhodes