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[REMIX + VIDEO SHOWCASE SPECIAL!] Shirley Bassey and Dario G – We Got Music

Nothing can dampen our mood when it comes to We Got Music. Dame Shirley’s latest hit! Scott F Rogers’ recent fan video on Vimeo is great fun. It shows edited video clips of Dario G, Dame Shirley Bassey, and a variety of Tango Dancers. He describes the song as an “Excellent new Latin-type dance tune:”

The same video is now appearing on dariogofficial Youtube Channel:

In Netherlands, Altra Moda Music appear to be doing something with it:

We Got Music (Shorter Edit):

7th Heaven Radio Edit:

Let’s hope there will be something else promotion-wise to follow. It would be very interesting to know how the general listening public responded to this song (if they ever get to hear it!)