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Shirley Bassey at Royal Festival Hall

Dame Shirley Bassey Live at the Royal Festival Hall

Note: For today a re-post of the great bootleg video found on YouTube some time ago. It says the video is from 2002 but judging by the comments it is more likely that it is from the year 2000.
Dame Shirley performs two great songs and this is how we know her and have seen her over the years. No televison show can display what we see here. The Dame doing what she does best: performing in concert and enjoying herself with her audience.

Below a bootleg video of Shirley Bassey performing at the Royal Festival Hall in 2002. Songs performed are ‘I’ll Be Your Audience’ and ‘A Lot Of Living To Do.’

2002 Belfast a

2002 Belfast b

He Lives In A World Of His Own

Today a repost of a previous blog. The song He Lives In A World Of His Own was never released unfortunately. I hope you enjoy it again.

cover IGASFYThis is a demo of a song Shirley Bassey recorded in 1966 from the musical “Oliver” for the album “I’ve got a song for you” but this song was not included on the actual album. This album has been re-released on CD along with the album “And we were lovers”.

To order your copy of these great re-releases




He lives in a world of his own:

trkl016gHow can I tell him I love him?

When he lives in a world his own.

How do you make a man listen?

When the man you love stands alone.

I can’t demand his attention,

Like a child who is not fully grown,

How can I show him I love him?

When he lives I a world of his own?

trkl016fLord knows I do the best I can,

To give the best in me.

But when he needs me most of all,

I stand by helplessly.

trkl016eHow can I tell him I love him?

When he is never alone?

How can I show him,?

When I hardly know him,

He lives in a world of his own.




Fun Friday

Today some entertaining videos by Kyrlia Goldstone featuring the incredible vocals of Dame Shirley Bassey.

Thanks to Kyrlia for these fun creations. The animated format could work well for Dame Shirley’s latest dance hit We Got Music too, let’s hope this and many more Bassey classics will be given the special video treatment.