Congratulations, Shirley

…and to everyone involved in the tour, on behalf of your fans.

“Bravo, Maestro!” to Mike Dixon, Musical Director (blog dated 5th April) and
Chris Egan, Musical Arranger and grand piano player.

To the ladies and gentlemen of the orchestra. Pete Callard for playing a perfect electric guitar solo every time in The Living Tree. A copy of the Fender Stratocaster break in Never The Bride’s original.

To Nicky Spence for your fine voice and kilt.

You all rocked!

To DSB’s management and assistants, with best wishes to Beau Mills for being such a dependable friend.

To Helena Shenel for vocal coaching, caring for that famous voice.

To my distinguished friend David Spencer for the programme notes and photos.

To Catherine Feeney and Nikki Lamborn – please write more songs like that tree thing!

To the crew, roadies, technicians and the whole backstage team. All unseen heroes except the bloke who had to pick up the yellow cape Shirley had dropped on the stage floor. At one concert she was standing on it, and he had to try later.

To Julien Macdonald for the gowns. And to anyone I’ve missed out, many thanks and well done.

Not forgetting the audiences, including fans who had travelled from New Zealand, Australia, Israel, USA, Hungary and other countries just to see Shirley. You were all stars too.

What a team, what a tour, what a blast!

Let’s do it all again next week.

A note from Mike Dixon

I was delighted to receive a personal reply from Mike Dixon (MD the MD) to my email to him below.

Thanks Peggy!
It was fun – though I have been a bit tired today!
Very warm wishes to you

Dear Mike,
Congratulations on a fantastic tour. I went to each gig except Glasgow, and you were wonderful.
I noticed the friendly rapport you have with our Diamond Dame, the care and attention you gave to detail.
It was a thrill when we first knew you would be MD – I called it a DREAM TICKET.
Please visit my fans web blog:
I devoted a page to you dated 5th April, and there’s tons about Shirley and the tour on other pages. You must be exhausted today. I certainly am, and I only watched.
There’s a congratulations page being uploaded tomorrow. Please do it all again soon.
# I’m still here #


I’ll be on holiday for the next two weeks. The venerable Ed has kindly agreed to feed the blog. It’s in good hands because I think he likes DSB.