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2003 Wembley

Repost: 2003 Birmingham

Repost: The boot incident

For your delectation, here’s Ian’s memory of a Bassey boot

Hi Peggy
Hope you are okay-thanks for another great blog week!

Here is my report for the blog on NEC show 2003 Boot incident,you can put it with the picture,sorry I don’t have facility to send photo of me with Shirley and my boot!

I have fond memories of this picture, taken at N.E.C. Birmingham on Shirley’s 2003 tour.

Every tour I always see Shirley at Birmingham and try to give her something ‘different’ to the norm of flowers etc. Sometimes it is a framed disc or a memento of her past triumphs.

Earlier in this concert I had taken up a framed photo of me presenting her with a framed disc at the 2000 Millennium Tour. Towards the end of the present show, Shirley complained her foot hurt in new shoes, calling out to backstage ‘Bring me another pair of shoes’ to which no one replied. She took her shoe off to rub her foot.

Instantly, I thought of the Morecambe and Wise sketch. I was in the second row from
the front, sitting with friends. I shot up to the stage, took off my chelsea boot and offered it up to Shirley.

She instantly knew what I was doing and said “You’re trying to do a ‘Morecambe and Wise’ aren’t you!”

Chelsea boots

-I laughed and said “Yes!”
Shirley then looked inside my boot,and asked me” What size is it?” to which I replied ”Its a 6”.
She said ”I’m a 7”. ( I always thought she was a 6 actually)

Shirley then shook it upside down and a stone fell out.

”Yuk! Something’s in it!” she said. We laughed and then Shirley handed it back to me.

It was a memory that will always stay with me, of one of my personal jokes I have played on Shirley over the years. She is always full of fun when I do them and likes a good laugh!

The gown she wore at this concert, as shown in the picture, was designed by Jenny Packham, who also designed the gown worn the previous night at Manchester, fondly called the handkerchief gown by fans due to the bottom of it.

This gown is a gold ‘column’ gown,it was very tight at the bottom for Shirley to dance in She had difficulty doing her dance steps, I remember. This may explain why she only wore it once, because it was difficult to move in.

The rest of the tour Shirley wore the gold ‘lace’ dress and Doug Darnell’s 50th Anniversary gold ‘flower’ dress at London-which looked a bit disappointing actually!

There we are Peggy- hope you and other followers enjoy reading it!


Thanks for a good story, Ian.
I can just imagine Shirley giving you the boot!

Please visit blog dated 8th September to enjoy Morecambe and Wise again

Fortunately the 2003 tour gowns were photographed by Bigspenda

It’s good to match up one fan’s pictures with another fan’s enjoyable memory

# That’s what friends are for# Well, sort of.


MySpace Music

There is a DSB page on the MySpace Music web site

I can’t quite figure it out, but if you let it load for a little while there are some songs that can be played, and a type of guest book for messages

You can register with MySpace but I haven’t bothered. Got plenty of music already!

Anything on the WWW that includes Shirley is welcome!

Click here for DSB MySpace page

I think it’s organised by the fabulous group Never The Bride who have their own MySpace page

It includes their great, raunchy version of The Living Tree

Click here for Never The Bride

Nikki Lamborn, lead singer. A fantastically talented rock genius and a lovely person too!

For more, please see blog dated 27th April

Always the bride ha ha


Karaoke, anyone?

If you think you’re Diva enough, try sing-a-log-a-Shirley

16 backing tracks for you to sing “in the style of” Shirley Bassey

(Hmmm… This could be the worst thing I’ve ever put on the blog)

Link to eBay sale of Karaoke CDG
Message to all fans: Please do not send me any recordings of your karaoke singing



Shirley went to see her doctor.

Shirley: “Doctor, You’ve got to help me. I keep bursting out into song, and it’s always ‘The Green. Green Grass Of Home’!”

Doctor: “Oh, I know what that is. It’s a condition known as the Tom Jones Syndrome.”

Shirley: “Is that rare?”

Doctor: “It’s not unusual.”


(Non-DSB) For sufferers of the Tom Jones Syndrome

The Green, Green Grass Of Home

It’s Not Unusual

Doctor Jones gives this advice:
# It happens every day, no matter what you say, you’ll find it happens all the time #


Shirley’s out-takes

Watch this hysterical video of Shirley’s bloopers trying to record a TV introduction…
with a little Barbra-esque outbust at the end

Plus a (definitely Non-DSB) dreadful singer struggling with The Hungry Years
and then some more celebrity embarrassments…

Click here to see Shirley swear (it’s funny)