Sunday Supplement – Vote for DSB + Rhythm Divine + 200 blogs + Alma Cogan

Vote for Shirley

The BBC have a website page called Living Icons

It gives the opportunity to vote for our favourite living icons which will then be shortlisted etc

The nominations close at midday on Monday 30th October

Voting from a shortlist of ten will begin on Saturday 11th November

I didn’t know about it until a gentle nudge thanks to Jonathan.

There’s still just about time to nominate Shirley

Click here to go straight to the BBC page


The Rhythm Divine

Shirley’s stunning treatment of this song with Yello was featured on 14th September

If you love this song, go back to the archive blog to find a video, lyrics and everything about it

I consider it to be a masterpiece

Billy Mackenzie

Taking the song to its origins, Jonathan sent me this fantastic MP3 file to share.
It’s the original recording by Billy Mackenzie

While strictly “Non-DSB”, it is well worth the 4 minutes it takes to download from this link:-

Click here for free download

Jonathan wrote:

“It’s great and Billy was such a great pop star – shame Shirley didn’t cover more of his songs.”

Nobody can disagree with you there, Jonathan.
Many thanks for sending such an enjoyable piece of music.

There is plenty of information about Billy on the WWW, but for starters try this:

Click to visit Wikipedia article


Somehow I’ve managed to clock up over 200 daily blogs since starting in April.

A success that is thanks to a massive amount of support from fans around the world.

It’s now the most popular DSB resource on the Web.

I’m delighted that there are loads of fans who check in almost daily.

Fans from not just the UK, the USA, Oz and NZ, but from throughout Europe, the Far East, in fact everywhere. Even places like Uruguay and Romania.

The messages I receive from fellow fans show an outpouring of appreciation for her 50 years of work.

This blog is quite simply by the fans for the fans.

My policy is to make it fun.

It is promotional, and hopefully not too obsessive. There’s always room for Non-DSB features, other great stars and # a few laughs, laughs, laughs.#

This is, after all, show business.

YouTube coincided this year, with wonderful video links to add to the hundreds of photos.

The format somehow suits the stream of information about our enigmatic, unique and sensational Superstar.

I’d like to thank all contributors. You are welcome to submit any text, photos or scans. Keep it coming!

Thanks for watching, and please stay tuned. 2007 could be another great year for the eternally 29-year-old Dame.

Shirley’s fans are the best!


(Non-DSB) Tribute to Alma Cogan

Please see blog dated 14th July for a previous tribute to Alma.

It’s now 40 years since her untimely death.

Here’s a repost of a fine publicity photo. You can see from Shirley how long ago it was.

To celebrate Alma’s memory, there’s a good but lo-fi example of her talent on this link:

Click here for the Dixie Melody