Photo of the Week + Barnardo’s News Release

BBC TV publicity shot for Shirley’s mid-1970s television series

Photo: Thanks to Rien


I’m pleased to publish a News Release received from Barnardo’s today

Dame Shirley supports Barnardo’s and has given shoes, clothes and other memorabilia to this wonderful charity to help raise funds

If UK fans can donate any shoes or other items to your local Charity Shop, they will be welcomed



Barnardo’s has noticed a significant dip in shoes being donated to their 337 shops across the UK and has launched a Shoe Appeal running until 24th February.

A 2006 poll showed the average British woman owns 19 pairs of shoes. However experts are predicting this number will significantly increase in 2007, due to vintage fashions taking over the catwalk.

Gerard Cousins, Head of Retail for Barnardo’s UK, suggests the shoe shortage may be down to the retro trends: “Donations of ladies’ shoes to our retail shops have taken a dip in recent months. We have received feedback from our customers who say they are now holding onto shoes and clothes they would have given away before, just in case they come back into fashion!”

Barnardo’s has called upon its celebrity supporters to help support their Shoe Appeal and have received shoes from an array of stars including Michelle Collins and Dame Shirley Bassey.

Michelle Collins said: “I love wearing vintage clothes as much as the next girl, but if you’ve got some shoes lying around that were a bad buy or give you blisters, please take them down to your local Barnardo’s store. They will be raising money for a very good cause.”

Barnardo’s stores depend on good quality donations from the public and all profits fund the charity’s vital work. A list of Barnardo’s Stores can be found at


Barnardo’s believes that the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children deserve a better start in life and the chance of a better future. Barnardo’s works with 110,000 children, young people and their families in 380 projects throughout the UK. This includes work with children affected by today’s most urgent issues: poverty, homelessness, disability, bereavement and abuse. For more information about Barnardo’s visit our website at


(Non-DSB) If you’d like to know more about Michelle Collins, the British actress who played Cindy in Eastenders,