Don’t Rain On My Parade + Barnardo’s DSB shoes

YouTube is a fantastic resource of videos

Thanks to additions by Scot and other fans, we can enjoy many of DSB’s finest performances

These videos have been a been a massive bonus for this blog, and provide great entertainment for fans everywhere

But YouTube is not the only source of videos, as other web sites copy the idea

Here’s ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ from DailyMotion, a French site

The sound quality is bad, but it’s a chance to see her on The Ed Sullivan Show, broadcast on American TV in the 1960’s

Please click here
Thanks to Maxifabio

(It’s also on YouTube, but the sound quality is no better)

This song is from the 1964 musical Funny Girl starring Barbra Streisand

To learn more about the show, have a look at the Wikipedia page:


Shoe Time

Following from yesterday’s News Release from Barnardo’s…

To help promote their Shoes Appeal I am pleased to publish these images from their Media Officer…

These are shoes that DSB has donated to them…

“Come on you lot, give Barnardo’s yer shoes!”