Please vote for Never The Bride

Help Shirley’s favourite rock group win a big award

Lead singer, Nikki

Please go back to blog dated February 10th where you will find details on how to vote for Never The Bride (aka Nikki and Been), they have done tremendously well in reaching the finals. Specially for a British team. Voting ends February 28th but apparently you can vote every day.

‘The Living Tree’ is one of the best songs DSB has done for some time.

If you need proof of Never The Bride’s talent in songwriting and in live performances, please watch them on this YouTube Link. They are much more than ‘The Living Tree’, they are wonderful musicians with a flair for super new songs.

Click here to see the beautiful song ‘Everywhere’


…they are the nicest people in music – trust me!


ZZ Top loves ’em too, and booked Never The Bride as support act on their Australian tour