Captured in Concert – Part 4 + Block Rockin’ Honey

1991 Dusseldorf Philipshalle

November 1991 Amsterdam Carre Theatre

1980 Amsterdam Concertgebouw

More exquisite images from the lens of John Den Outer

Another Big Mashup!

If you enjoyed the disco version of Get The Party Started
on page dated February 3rd,
you might also enjoy this.

It’s a mixture of Shirley’s Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me
with the Chemical Brothers’ Block Rockin’ Beat
and a little bit of Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely thrown in

If that sounds unlikely, wait till you hear it…
you might like it!

The MP3 file takes a few moments to download

It was created by Reading UK’s Pilchard Sound System
and was found on this strange web site:

They describe themselves as:

“Pilchard are two guys at the forefront of a musical revolution, who are getting crowds around the world dancing to their unique musical mash ups. Pilchard take two tracks which shouldn’t be in the same record collection, let alone the same mix and make it into something that will get even the most hardcore anti-clubber tapping their toes. “