Time for a Rollover + Move That Yacht! + Bassey Bits + Going Out Of My Head

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Exactly the same rollover was done a year ago.
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Better news … this time it’s changing to a new enhanced platform.
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Hopefully this will allow a more glossy and professional appearance (in keeping with DSB!), more flexibility, and be easier for me to use.
So I’m looking forward to a better format.
This Blogger system has been fine, but has frustrated me some days when photos failed to load, and the spacing sometimes took longer to get right than the content.

Happy New Blog Year!
If it’s anything like the past 12 months it’s gonna be fun!
A million thanks to everyone who has contributed such fabulous material…
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It’s unofficial and not for profit. In fact it costs a small amount of money, but I don’t mind. I’m just another fan like you. It’s a privilege to run, and Shirley’s fans are the best.

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# I don’t want praise, I don’t want pity #
# Music was my first love #

Le Grand Bleu is one of the largest private yachts in the world at 370 feet (114 metres) in length
Excuse me, could you move your yacht?
From Monte Carlo, it appears that the high life is not always serene.

Here’s an extract from a blog about Monaco yachts:-

” Shirley Bassey reportedly complained of the big size of “Le Grand Bleu” belonging to the Russian billionaire Abramovich. The yacht apparently spoiled the view on the port from her uphill apartment. “

Good for you, Shirley! I had the same problem. Only it was someone who kept parking a dirty Ford Ka outside my house.

This story must be out of date because in June 2006, Abramovich sold Le Grand Bleu to friend Eugene Shvidler.


Bits and pieces

Thanks to Pieter for this mixture of odd video clips

The Queen, Tommy Cooper, Zandra Rhodes, Dame Edna and the Heathrow Paparazzi all make an appearance with Shirley

Click here to go to pieces


Going Out Of My Head
This video is a bit loud, so you might want to reduce the volume before it plays…

Thanks to swan000

The Big Glasto Gallery

All DSB fans love what happened on 24 June 2007

During her total of four hours (from helicopter landing to take off) she floated, like a vision, over the sodden soil of Avalon

Dame Shirley won the hearts of thousands of revellers, and inspired many new fans to explore and enjoy her back catalogue

Her performance was a triumph

Pete Townshend admitted that even The Who had been upstaged

This blog received an all time record 70,000 hits on the following day

To celebrate again, three months later, here’s a selection of super snaps from glorious Getty Images:-

YouTube video highlights:

Starting from 3’30” into the vid, GTPS and Light My Fire…
PS Thanks to I Capricorn for this brilliant comment:
“Hi Peggy
Just reading your blog today and thought a good headline would have been ‘veni vidi vici’
with poetic licence to be
Hope you are keeping well !”

Good Morning America – The Rhythm Divine + Joe’s New 2CD

Good Morning World!

Part 1

A revealing interview in New York 1989


Part 2

Here’s an insight into what really happens inside a TV studio

Professional as ever, Shirley calmly accepts the delays. Finally singing a great version of The Rhythm Divine with a backing audio tape

As you will see, this was for Breakfast TV in 1989


Thanks to Pieter


(Non-DSB) Joe Longthorne’s new Double CD

The Ultimate Entertainer is a 2CD set featuring 22 of Joe’s finest live performances and 27 dazzling impressions.

Many fans of DSB also love Joe’s powerful, expressive vocals. He always performs with an orchestra. I’ve seen him many times throughout his career… Three times this year alone.

The second disc of impressions includes some of Shirley, and Joe is the best. He’s great fun, and a huge fan of DSB.

Click here to link to the sales page in Joe’s online store


John Barrowman in Jerry Herman Gala + DSB IAWIA

Stage presence


(Non-DSB, but JB!)

Last Sunday John Barrowman starred in an excellent Jerry Herman Gala at the Prince Edward Theatre, London

It was a tribute to the composer and lyricist who wrote I Am What I Am, and many other songs. Being taped for broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on 21 December

Thanks to Howard for the advance information about this gala

We’ll also be able to hear the full show via the BBC’s web site, and for a week after the broadcast
In the meantime, someone smuggled a camcorder into the theatre, so…


Official web site

Now, that provides a reason to add DSB singing I Am What I am

As only she can…

Thanks to Scot


Corrie? What a load of rubbish!

Apologies to fans who watched Coronation Street last night, on the promise of some DSB music, as given on yesterday’s blog.
What a disappointment!

It was a stupid scene. An embarrassing humiliation of those superb songs.
Don’t bother looking at ITV’s online video of the episode, it’s a waste of time.