Sunday Supplement – Interview + Bits & Pieces + Memorabilia + Hotel + Eyes 4u

1957 Astoria, Brixton

1995 Interview
Thanks to Pieter for this video of Shirley on Dutch TV
Including a sustained note at 7’35”
Bonus video from Pieter
Memorabilia 4u

…continuing a haphazard series of blasts from the past

With a 50+ years career, new rarities are always surfacing to delight fans

A publicity portrait from the early days

1957 Backstage in the dressing room at the Astoria, Brixton with her manager Michael Sullivan



Hotel de Paris, Monaco

Last week’s charity bash with Nelson Mandela, HSH Prince Albert II, Dame Shirley Bassey and 350 other guests, took place at the Hotel de Paris
Situated adjacent to the Casino, these images will hopefully give you an idea of the posh joint

Statue of King Louis XV, outside the fine restaurant named after him

A room with a view

Eyes For You…

A final word from Ian:-

“I remember the first time I saw Shirley sing ‘I only have eyes for you’ during the 1984 UK tour and her grandson Ashley came on with flowers at the NEC .
Well he is 30 now!! Where does the time go?
What a lovely rendition of the song. Thank goodness we have it forever on the ‘You aint heard nothing yet’ video. Shirley’s live version far surpasses the recording on ‘Yesterdays’ album (1978).
Ian x”