Gallery + Shirley’s Car + My Way Encore

At home

Welsh person with an English rose

Classic LP cover


On the road …

1967 – Shirley’s first car – a present from her husband

Personalised initials – SVB – Shirley Veronica Bassey

Thanks to Neil for these rare photos


MY WAY – Encore une fois

Thanks to Pieter here’s a wonderful video of a priceless version

After about 2’30” into the vid, following an interview, we are privileged to enjoy this very fine performance

Click here for a great song 🙂

Thanks to Martine for this explanation:

This video is part of a French program called “Le grand Ă©chiquier” and the presentator is Jacques Chancel,one of the greatest french TV presentator. In the 80’s and 90’s this was one of the biggest entertainment TV program, with only BIG stars, like Aznavour, Pavarotti, Delon, so not only singers but also movie stars, writers, etc.

Jacques Chancel is telling how great Shirley is, how professional she is, and thanks her for passing 3 hours live on his program, so what he says is interesting if you understand French. And of course the song is magic. Thank you for your blog, it’s wonderful.Thank you to give us daily news from Shirley.Sorry for my English, I usually speak French.