Sunday Supplement – Gifts + Tree Remix + Disco Moonraker + Hey Jude + Memorabilia + Gowns

My friend Marilyn (middle) and me (right) giving a big package of CHANEL goodies at Manchester 2006
With an identical gift for Victoria, Shirley’s delightful Personal Assistant

Nothing but the best for the best!
Another fan gave her a real diamonds necklace
From Melbourne Australia, here’s a remix version of The Living Tree

Click here for the beat driven remix – the vocals start after 2 mins

Produced by Xchange – Thanks, sports!


Roger Moore as James Bond, chillin’ with his space midgets


Moonraker – All you need to know – too much, perhaps!

Music written by John Barry and lyrics by Hal David.

Recorded: April, 1979

Charted:Album US: #159

The single did not chart, the LP only reached position 159 on the LP charts.

This was the third official James Bond recording for Shirley Bassey and her last recording for the United Artists label.

Since 1995 DSB has been including it in her Bond Trilogy on stage.

The original soundtrack album contained two versions: the “Main Title” which was played during the opening credits of the film, and an up-tempo “End Title” which was played during the closing credits.

The soundtrack album is available on CD digitally remastered. The Main Title is also available on the collection Bassey – The EMI/UA Years 1959 – 1979, and was on the Reader’s Digest collection Shirley Bassey – This Is My Life, and is on many James Bond and John Barry collections.

Another recording was released 1992 on the Bassey Sings Bond album.

It has been suggested that this song was intended for Johnny Mathis but he was unwell and had to drop out. Shirley herself has mentioned this.

Thanks to Ed for additional information


Hey Fans! Na-Na-Na…

Thanks to Pieter

Shirley kindly dedicated her performance to the memory of John Lennon

Hey Jude was written by Paul. It’s about Julian Lennon (above), John’s son.

Read the full story here on Wikipedia


The blog rolls on…

I’m delighted to announce that we will have two new rolling features to look forward to this autumn:

(1) Memorabilia 4u2

Jean-Francois in New York has sent a monumental collection of rare memorabilia, including some fascinating souvenirs from the earlier years in DSB’s career.

These will be posted on the blog in a haphazard series for you to dip into. You might be surprised at some of the rarities. If you love memorabilia you’ll get it here!

(2) Gowns Galore

Ian, an English fan, is presenting a new weekly series all about DSB’s beautiful gowns, hopefully starting next week.

It’s well researched. If you love all those works of art called gowns, stage coats, capes or just frocks, you’re in for a treat.



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