Good Morning America – The Rhythm Divine + Joe’s New 2CD

Good Morning World!

Part 1

A revealing interview in New York 1989

Part 2

Here’s an insight into what really happens inside a TV studio

Professional as ever, Shirley calmly accepts the delays. Finally singing a great version of The Rhythm Divine with a backing audio tape

As you will see, this was for Breakfast TV in 1989

Thanks to Pieter


(Non-DSB) Joe Longthorne’s new Double CD

The Ultimate Entertainer is a 2CD set featuring 22 of Joe’s finest live performances and 27 dazzling impressions.

Many fans of DSB also love Joe’s powerful, expressive vocals. He always performs with an orchestra. I’ve seen him many times throughout his career… Three times this year alone.

The second disc of impressions includes some of Shirley, and Joe is the best. He’s great fun, and a huge fan of DSB.

Click here to link to the sales page in Joe’s online store