Robert Goulet


Sad news – Robert Goulet has died aged 73.

Who can forget his duet with Shirley –

‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’:-

Thanks to Scot

Bigspendah paid this tribute: 

“He was great with Shirley on “A Special Lady” and I met him after the ‘Night of 100 Stars’ in London in 1994.

 Got my photo taken with him whilst waiting for Shirley.”

One of the best singer/actors of stage, screen and TV, with a wonderful talent and stage presence.

We all send his wife, family and friends our deepest sympathy.

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Read more about Robert here

(Non-DSB) Dame Cleo’s 80th



Happy 80th Birthday to Cleo Laine!

Dame Cleo Laine DBE, is a jazz singer and an actor, noted for her scat singing.

She is the only female performer to have received Grammy nominations in the jazz, popular and classical music awards.

Thanks to Mel for this welcome message:-

“Hi Peggy,
Congratulations on the ‘amended’ blog, great stuff. Thought we ought to send best wishes to that other great musical Dame, Cleo Laine who I understand was 80 over the weekend (27th October).
Keep up the good work.

Agreed! Congratulations, Cleo!

Watch Cleo’s Send in The Clowns here

Thanks to AllanWo

For more info visit her wikipedia page here

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Divas Jukebox – ITV’s guests

What is a diva? 

The term was originally used to describe a woman of rare, outstanding talent.

The Latin word, from which it’s derived, is divinus meaning “god quality”.  And the Latin word divus (m) / diva (f), means famous … from a noble family.

Here are the divas expected to appear on ITV’s upcoming Saturday Night Divas. DSB is not confirmed. All these videos are worth auditioning. Even though to us fans, there is only one diva.

Thanks to Ivan for correcting my Latin!


Celine Dion 

All By Myself 

Chaka Khan

Ain’t Nobody 

Leona Lewis 

Bleeding Love 

Natasha Bedingfield 


Jennifer Lopez

Por Que Te Marchas (audio)



Alicia Keys

No One

Girls Aloud


ITV Divas Show

On 23rd October there was a page titled “(Non-DSB) ITV Divas Show”

According to two sources today, it could now be a (Very-DSB) item!

It hasn’t been confirmed but the rumours are there – Dame Shirley might appear on Sunday at the London Studios.

The show being filmed is called Saturday Night Divas.  It should be broadcast sometime before Christmas.

Other clues: The show is mentioned on Mike Dixon’s diary.  Now Mike is the height of discretion, but who else might he conduct the orchestra for?

Also DSB is definitely in London for Monday’s charity event for CHICKENSHED at the Guildhall, as already posted here.

As any more info arrives, it wil be added. Remember it’s still just speculation.

I won’t intrude any further, dahlings. Us fans know our place 🙂