1973 RAH – Somehow + The Greatest Performance

You’re invited to join us now in the big round spaceship known as the Royal Albert Hall

It’s a good venue for Shirley because it has an intimate atmosphere in spite of being vast

Thanks again to Pieter who wrote:

“By special request from Astrid these two favourites of hers (and mine).”

Well, Pieter and Astrid, they are two favourites of mine too!

And one of my all-time favourite gowns 

At the end Doug Darnell is seen presenting Shirley with a bouquet of flowers

I was privileged to be there on that incredible night. Enough to make anyone a fan

More for Monaco


DSB is happily a resident in fabulous Monte Carlo.

It’s a unique haven with virtually no crime, high security and safety for everyone, where police can seal the country off if there is a big heist of diamonds!

It’s the only place I know where the multistorey car parks are squeaky clean. The floors are painted and you tyres squeal going round the ramps.

I once saw a black Ferrari park on a pavement outside an office block. I thought “He’s going to get a parking ticket” until I saw Prince Albert climb out and disappear straight into the building. Well, he does own the place 🙂 

Because of the annual F1 Grand Prix, the roads are smooth, too. No speed bumps. Just the place to cruise in your Lamborghini.

Prince Albert II has just made his first ever press conference in Britain to launch new incentives to attract more people to the glam Principality. He speaks in an American accent adopted from his mother Princess Grace. 

Click here to read the article in the Telegraph.

If you want to know more about the second-smallest independent state in the world, after Vatican City, click here.

… and here’s a short tourism video


Becoming a Dame


Dame Shirley was honoured on 31 December 1999 by the Queen

She was created a Dame Commander of the British Empire (DBE)

That’s the female equivalent of a knighthood

It is the second most senior grade of British orders of chivalry

In the British system of precedence, Knights (and Dames) Commander rank after the Order of the Companions of Honour(although Companions of Honour obtain no knighthood or other status) and before Knights Bachelor

Insignia include a breast star, a badge, and a ribbon

You may address her as Dame Shirley, or Dame Shirley Bassey but never Dame Bassey

(The only Dame Peggy was Peggy Ashcroft, the Academy award-winning English actress (1907-1991), in 1956)

Now for your entertainment… here’s Pieter’s collection of TV news clips, with DSB proudly collecting her gong at Buckingham Palace in June 2000