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Here’s a few more pictures from Monday night…

On the BBC Radio 1 web site…


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… and last but not least, a big blog SCOOP from Bigspendah…


Scroll down to Edith Bowman then click on MON to hear Monday’s show. At approximately 1 hour 52 minutes into the show they play Goldfinger then Edith Bowman speaks to DSB backstage at the Q Awards!

This online recording will be available until Sunday.

Shirley’s got an eye for the boys



The Daily Mirror reports:

Dame Shirley Bassey was certainly the centre of all the male celebrities’ attention at the bash.

The 70-year-old legend planted a smacker on stunned Prime Minister Gordon Brown before heading over to give Stephen Fry a kiss, too.

The day before, she’d pinched Sir Paul McCartney’s bottom at the Q Awards, telling him: “You’ve got a nice a***.”

No such naughtiness with David Walliams and Stephen – just a proper luvvie greeting.

Photo: With award winner Chloe Gambrill

Copyright: Daily Mirror

Fashion Rocks – even more info


Oh! It never stops, does it?

Fans always know when Shirley’s in town!

It’s impossible to keep up with her.

Here’s another link to news about Fashion Rocks

Confused? just look back to previous posts about Fashion Rocks and everything will be revealed.

The cheapest tickets at £45 in the Circle are on sale at the Royal Albert Hall Ticket Office


They are “up in the gods” steeply banked with restricted view, but better than nothing.

Some tickets might be available on eBay, too.

Marchesa Rocks!


You probably know this already but Shirley is going to be wearing

MARCHESA at Fashion Rocks

Click here to see some beautiful MARCHESA collections