Albert’s Sold Out


Above: At Althorp 1997 by Mikey Mike


It looks like the £45 Circle tickets for F-Rocks are all sold

The Royal Albert Hall booking office today said:

“Fashion Rocks
Thursday, 18 October, 2007 7:30 PM

Sorry, there are no tickets available for this performance.”

Details of other ticket sources, and the TV broadcast, are given on previous pages

Stay tuned – visit here on Friday for SCOOP photos (hopefully)!

Shirley’s gown ripper


The hysterically funny frock slasher  – comic Joe Pasquale 

Thanks to Ian for this note about the gown worn in the video ‘Ankara Part 1 of 3’ added yesterday

“This black gown DSB is wearing on the Ankara, Turkey video clip is the gown Joe Pasquale cut up on DSB’s 6oth birthday show. The fringe was taken off the short sleeves in the mid nineties, last worn 1996!
from Ian, The Guru of the Gowns!

Westchester USA


Welcome to an experiment with the new blog format – thumbnails

Many thanks to Jean-Francois for this rare memorabilia

This is the show programme from the Westchester Premier Theatre in New York State, which I have scanned

The programme contains interviews and period ads from 1972

Click on each thumbnail to see the page in a larger size

The Westchester had the greats on its stage – Frank Sinatra, Liberace, Ella Fitzgerald and many more

It seems to have closed some time ago

Hope this works and the pages are legible – you can save each image to file then enlarge it in your viewer