Bad news for Bond


Ville Valo, the competition to DSB?  

It amazes me that after the fuss about Amy Winehouse, the producers of the next 007 movie appear undecided about who sings the next theme.

The answer is staring them in the face – give the job to Dame Shirley!

Yes, the same girl who’s done three already. She has the experience. She can sing quite well, too ūüôā

And that’s not only the view of us¬†DSB fans – the James Bond fans voted her the best.

Here’s a link to some gossip about¬†Don Black and David Arnold¬†considering a Finnish goth rocker:-

Click here for the prospect

Oh well, let them get on with it. But if they don’t hire DSB now it might be too late. Quel dommage!


Now this is better:-

Check out MM’s Slide Show!

Thanks to Mikey Mike for these screenshots

This is an experiment using – it seems to work OK

More to come

(Non-DSB) Whitney + Shuffled Shirley

(Non-DSB) The special guest on Fashion Rocks was, as previously given, Whitney Houston.

A Whitney fan has added this video clip of her non-singing appearance, where she pays tribute to the Prince’s Trust:-


Nobody has added a YouTube video of DSB’s appearance yet.

Although¬†Dame Shirley¬†was on first at¬†Thursday’s live show, she appeared further down the list on¬†Saturday’s edited TV broadcast.

Even Dame Shirley’s Musical Director, Mike Dixon, didn’t know why it was shuffled. He told me:

“…No idea why they changed the order.¬† I was expecting it to be as we filmed it. The vagaries of TV!
Best wishes,


Thank you’s


Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone involved in the spectacular Fashion Rocks!

To Swarovski, the long-established Austrian crystals company. They don’t just supply to fashionwear. For example they make the crystals for Cats Eyes which have¬†improved road safety for years.

To the management and staff of the Royal Albert Hall, who were friendly and efficient.

To the fashion designers and exotic labels, for brightening everyone’s lives even though we can’t afford the originals.

To the models for looking great and inspiring us to eat fewer pork pies.

To the singers, musicians and technicians for entertaining us.

To all the sponsors, the support teams,¬†the TV people, the marvellous Prince’s Trust, the creative and artistic people who are an antidote to the bad news¬†we see daily.

To the charming policeman who allowed me to park outside the Ticket Office for a while.

To DSB fans, old and new, who make the blog such fun.

And finally to Dame Shirley!