ITV Divas Show

On 23rd October there was a page titled “(Non-DSB) ITV Divas Show”

According to two sources today, it could now be a (Very-DSB) item!

It hasn’t been confirmed but the rumours are there – Dame Shirley might appear on Sunday at the London Studios.

The show being filmed is called Saturday Night Divas.  It should be broadcast sometime before Christmas.

Other clues: The show is mentioned on Mike Dixon’s diary.  Now Mike is the height of discretion, but who else might he conduct the orchestra for?

Also DSB is definitely in London for Monday’s charity event for CHICKENSHED at the Guildhall, as already posted here.

As any more info arrives, it wil be added. Remember it’s still just speculation.

I won’t intrude any further, dahlings. Us fans know our place 🙂