(Non-DSB) Divas on Saturday



Saturday Night Divas

To mark the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ITV1 has joined forces with some of the world’s best female singing talent to bring viewers a spectacular television event. It’s airing at 9:45pm-10:45pm on Saturday 3 November.

Sorry to say DSB is not appearing in spite of being in some listings. Very confusing! But it will be a wonderful show. The studio set is based on the Moulin Rouge.


A star is born


September 1953 and a 16 year old Shirley Bassey is captured on film.

Copyright : From the Mirrorpix Archive.

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“Despite her youthful appearance and unpolished styling she clearly possessed even then the confidence and poise which were to lend her such stage presence throughout her career and turn her into one of our greatest national treasures.”

– Well said, Clare!

Fashion Rocks video

At last!

We now have a video of DSB’s performance at Swarovski’s Fashion Rocks for the Prince’s Trust.

At the Royal Albert Hall on 18th October.

Thanks to minishirley, whoever you are!

A wonderful glittering appearance by DSB, who is clearly enjoying herself immensely.

Even the little error on Big Spender made her smile, because after 1,000 performances she should know it! 🙂

Some good shots of Mike Dixon as well.

Enjoy the parade of drop dead gorgeous MARCHESA creations too. No wonder the girls are a massive success in the fashion world.

What the video doesn’t reveal is the ecstatic ovation from the audience all the way through our legend’s two well-judged traditional songs.

We all wanted her to do another half hour or more!


Kanye West collaboration


Diamond Tour programme 1988


News is flowing in from various sources, that can be summarised as follows:

“Shirley Bassey is desperate to work with Kanye West – after the rapper/producer impressed her with his sampling of her hit Diamonds Are Forever in 2005. And Bassey is reportedly keen to work around the Stronger hit maker’s schedule to see the collaboration come into fruition.”

 Many fans believe the reports are true. Kanye is a hugely popular artist and a talented musician. Perfect for a collaboration.

I hope they do work together. But Kanye must be in huge demand.  His records are almost guaranteed chart success.

DSB never ceases to surprise. She has always had a little touch of the rebel about her, and is not afraid to experiment musically. Big Band, Rock, Show Tunes, Techno, Latin, Pop, Torch Anthems, Classical, and now Hip Hop.  

One thing’s for sure, whatever she does is going to be fantastic. The last album is superb, even thought there was some criticism of repackaging earlier vocals. It is another Bassey classic.

Your comments are welcome. My blog’s motto is By The Fans For The Fans – so don’t be shy! 🙂

Here’s Kanye’s protest song about the exploitation of workers in the mines:

Diamonds From Sierra Leone

I’ll have to pimp up the blog!