(Non-DSB) King Biggins


 Above: The new king with a jungle friend

Congratulations to Christopher Biggins on being crowned the new King of the Jungle!


Above: Biggins at the Barnardo’s charity auction of DSB clothes (my photo)

A well deserved crown for a charming celebrity.

I knew he would win it!

(See the ‘Biggins and Surely’ page 27th November for more.)

Visit BBC News for more info


Chris and Cilla at Joan Collins wedding

Le Grand Echiquier 9/10

Two more in the simply marvellous 1988 series from French telly.

Part 9 Songs: New York, New York & And I Love You So.

Part 10 Songs: The Lady is A Tramp & I Who Have Nothing.

Thanks a million to Pieter for these and all Le Grand Echiquier videos…

you’re a bright, sparkling diamond!

More DSB on the WWW


Above: Wrapped up warm for winter in the 1970s 


It’s good to see more web sites with information about Dame Shirley.

It proves that she is growing in popularity.

And that’s an objective of my blog… Everyone loves DSB!

But some don’t realise it yet 🙂

Here’s a link to the page about her on Diemazz.com

It’s a web site that seems to offer an esoteric mix of unrelated subjects.

There’s nothing new there for fans, but it’s worth a look.

Click here


50th Anniversary image


Scanned from the concert programme for the 50th Anniversary Tour