Alhambra Glasgow memories

Thanks to David Yule (Glasgow) for more pleasant memories.

This follows on from his “Gorgeous Glasgow memories” page dated 29th October.

First, get an eyeful of these 1967 images…


Above: Some pages from the programme, and the signed album

“Sometime in May 1967, Shirley was appearing at the Glasgow Alhambra Theatre. The Alhambra is no longer there. It has made way for parking spaces.

It was the first time I had seen her. We had seats in the Circle. She was appearing for one week only.

After what seemed a lifetime – and once all the other acts had finished – there was an interval and after it she appeared, looking marvellous.

The new album “and we were lovers” had just been released and she sang most of the songs on it.

Towards the end of her act as was usual, the audience started calling out song titles for her to sing.  The only song on the album that she did not sing was “It Must Be Him”, so in my very loudest voice I called out the title of the song, two or three or maybe four or five times. To which Shirley retorted “Why cant it be her?”……. to which  I couldn’t reply!

I had the new album with me and so with great haste after the show was over I rushed to the Stage Door and was just in time to see her leaving. I thrust the album in her hand and a pen. She signed it and I have it still to this day. I also told her that she missed out one of the best songs of the album and she replied “Were you the mystery voice?”

I will always remember the first time I ever saw her. She looked stunning and truly a star.

As always thanks for a great Blog.

David Yule”

Thanks David for another nice souvenir. From 1967 – you have an excellent memory.


Track list of that 1967 LP:

Side A
01. 2:57 – And We Were Lovers
02. 2:46 – Summer Wind
03. 2:18 – Somebody Like Me
04. 3:19 – It Must Be Him
05. 2:00 – Big Spender

Side B
01. 2:40 – The Impossible Dream
02. 2:17 – Dommage, Dommage
03. 3:16 – On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
04. 4:40 – If You Go Away
05. 3:04 – That’s Life