Bond Trilogy


From Another Audience With… here’s Dame Shirley’s medley of her three 007 theme songs…

Recorded in the same London Studios where Saturday Night Divas was filmed last week. And the Dame Edna Experience earlier this year.

Thanks to weblogmovie for a better than average picture and good sound


PS (Non-DSB) Channel 4 TV is going High Definition in December. One day YouTube might be partly HD, and we might eventually get remastered and digitally enhanced old videos. If they’re as good as the stunning new 2007 print of the 1964 Goldfinger movie, we could enjoy Shirley’s older material in clearer fidelity. So come on, you techie boffins!

Meanwhile, fans are grateful for the superb videos loaded by Scot, Pieter and a growing list of YouTubers.