Joan Collins on Paul O’Grady


Good mates – Joan and and Shirley during London Fashion Week 2007

Dame Shirley Bassey’s long-term friend Joan Collins appeared on the Paul O’Grady Show today.

On top form as always, Joan recalled the great days of Hollywood and the first time she arrived there.

 They discussed how she stays so beautiful and young looking – it’s all in her books!

“I’ve been doing it for quite a few centuries now!”

Talking about Die Nasty (Dynasty), Joan described the ABC TV series Desperate Housewives as fabulous.

They agreed that the public wants more glamorous shows like Dynasty and Dallas, but the USA networks are trying to appeal to a younger audience.

The elderly audience is ‘between 30 and 50’, which is ridiculously ageist. That sounds familiar in the UK too.

Oscar night tips – as a member of the Academy, Joan will not vote without seeing the movies, unlike some members!

I can understand why DSB gets on so well with JC – they have strong personalities and love having fun.

Paul O’Grady wasn’t on – he’s having a deserved rest.