(Non-DSB) Rhydian’s Party


Photo : Ken McKay/Rex Features

As mentioned yesterday, the Cardiff-born contestant Rhydian Roberts performed a sparkling version of DSB’s most recent single…

Get The Party Started

…broadcast in the UK on Saturday’s X Factor singing competition.

Now it’s just been added to YouTube so fans around the world can make your own minds up…

Thanks to climax25

PS Oops! The TV people have stopped the video  – Party Poopers!

Never mind – try this:-


In the Guardian, Chris Tryhorn wrote:

“Rhydian: he has a great voice and produced the night’s most imaginative song choice with Get The Party Started, stealing the show in his sequinned suit. But the Rhydster is starting to seem like a one-trick pony. Oddly, he is reminding me of his compatriot Shirley Bassey – in fact, Dannii, if you’re reading this, get him to do History Repeating, Dame Shirl’s classic collaboration with the Propellerheads. It would bring the house down, trust me.”

Link to the full X Factor review article here


Knightsbridge pickpockets

The news of DSB being robbed in the street is in the Daily Mail today

With a photo of Dame Shirley at Glastonbury

(It’s basically the same story as added here yesterday)

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