Duet with Pink?


According to “Mr Nightlife’s Hollywood” – a blog about Tinseltown – DSB and Pink are planning a duet.

This seems to contradict a previous report that DSB was not interested! Don’t you just love gossip?

Here is what Mr Nightlife wrote, which is very complimentary about Shirley:-

“Have you heard Dame Shirley Bassey’s version of “Get The Party Started” yet? It’s beyond fabulous!

Pop star Pink was so impressed by the 70-year-old legend’s version of her hit song, that she is planning a duet with the veteran singer. She says, “She has a great voice and I have a fantastic idea for a song for both of us.”

How fierce would that be? I get goose-bumps just thinking about it.”


Link to Mr Nightlife here


… and … Kanye West to duet with Jacko?

Recent reports said that DSB might collaborate with rapper Kanye West (see blog page dated 30 October).

Now Michael Jackson has revealed in an interview that his new album will feature Kanye West.

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