2006 Tour clips


Who can forget the 2006 tour?

Glasgow – Manchester – Birmingham – Cardiff – London

Many fans did them all, and an amazing number of fans travelled from countries around the world.

There were big screens at either side of the stage, but nobody thought of saving it on video.

The opportunity to market the best of these performances on DVD was lost. 

Fortunately we have some patchy amateur clips. Better than nowt!

Clip 1:  1’32” Goldfinger and the start of Moonraker

Clip 2: 44 seconds of What Now My Love

Ending with a sustained note proving DSB is as phenomenal vocally as ever… 

Thanks to negue72

1996 GMTV interview

From Good Morning Television (GMTV), Europe’s biggest breakfast station, in 1996.

Enjoy Lorraine Kelly’s five minutes interview with the eternally 29-year-old Shirley.

“I don’t have to write an autobiography, I just go on stage and sing it.”

Thanks to Pieter

Trivia: GMTV still broadcasts from Studio 4/5 at the London Studios on the South Bank, London. Dame Shirley’s most recent TV shows of “Another Audience With…” and “The Dame Edna Experience” were both recorded in Studio 1, the largest 600-seater studio in the same complex. All under the same roof!

Scarborough Fair


In 1960 you could see Shirley for three shillings!

15 pence, or 31 cents.

At the Scarborough Floral Hall, North Yorkshire.

That’s twice nightly, too!

The Floral Hall was built in 1911 but, like so many seaside venues, has since been demolished.

Thanks to Jean-Francois for this memorabilia.