Burberry bag auction


I’m delighted to promote a new eBay charity auction…

Thanks to Sarah for this message today:


I’m the Arts Adminstrator at Collingwood Special School, we have been fundraising over the past couple of years and have written to numerous celebrities so we can hold a special celebrity eBay auction.

We are very fortunate that Dame Shirley Bassey has kindly donated her signed Burberry Handbag.  We are trying to publicise this event on eBay which goes live tonight at 10pm and runs for 10 days – do you have any ideas how I can get this out to her fans to let them know – as it needs to go to a worthy owner.

Kindest regards
Sarah Shotton
Arts Administrator Collingwood School and Media Arts College”

CLICK HERE to link directly to the eBay page

The school’s web site: http://www.collingwood.northumberland.sch.uk

Sarah said that Shirley’s donation is the best item they have for sale. Trust DSB to donate with class 🙂

Burberry is of course internationally recognised as a luxury brand in clothes and accessories. They were featured as a designer label on the recent Fashion Rocks show. Their range of handbags sell for up to £2,600!


I was born in a village near Morpeth, Northumberland where Collingwood Special School is located. It has an excellent reputation. The staff are special. They do some wonderful work.

Good luck if you are bidding!


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DSB’s fans are wonderful and I appreciate your kind messages.

In my experience, a typical fan has good taste, loves a range of music and enjoys great singers. One singer in particular! 

Mike Douglas Show

Way back in 1972, Shirley was in Philadelphia appearing on the Mike Douglas Show.

Thanks to Pieter here’s the last part of the videos. The other parts were previously posted by Scot.

Shirley doesn’t sing on this final video. Instead Mike, a former big band singer, croons a tribute to her.

Scot’s earlier additions, where Shirley does sing:



The Mike Douglas Show was an American daytime talk show that ran from 1961 to 1982. Douglas died on his 81st birthday 11 August 2006.

Another 2006 clip

Further to yesterday’s two short videos taken at Wembley 2006…

I’m pleased to have received a further clip today.

Unknown to me yesterday, “negue72” is the YouTube name for my good friend, Ivan from Rome.

Here’s the latest medley. All of you who were there will be reminded of the fun and excitement.

For fans who were unable to go, the amateur clips may perhaps give you a hint of what the show was like.

As you can see, Shirley was enjoying herself enormously… it was one big love fest!

Grazie molto, Ivan