Alexandra – Illusionen


Illusionen – If I Never Sing Another Song

Music by Udo Jürgens.
Original German lyrics written by Alexandra.
English lyrics by Don Black.

A masterpiece of a melody.

 My friend Astrid has sent this link to Alexandra’s original:-

 Click on the following link for more information about Alexandra. Sadly, she was killed in a car accident in 1969:-

Diamond Queen


The Queen and Prince Philip on their wedding day in 1947
© Camera Press 

One’s next Royal engagement?

Bigspendah has sent this reminder… 

“As DSB attended HM’s 50th wedding anniversary ‘do’ in 1997 I just wondered whether she would be invited to the DIAMOND wedding celebrations on Monday 19th November?”

Will the Diamond Dame party with the Diamond Queen?

Watch this space!

From Sunny Sydney


Winter has arrived in the UK with frosts.

When this email arrived from Superfan Peter in Australia, I was bathed in warm sunshine. Metaphorically!

“G’day from Sydney, Peggy!
 Hope all is good with you and thanks so much for the post about John
Barrowman. I’ve booked to see him and shall be getting the album as
soon as I get back to the UK. I love him and wish he would do
something with Dame Shirley – two great voices and stage presences.

Anyway, attached below is an Australian review of GTPS.
At the weekend, I went for a run out to the Blue Mountains. We
stopped for lunch at the town of Katoomba. I sat down, looked up and
there on the wall was this!!


I then went to Melbourne for a couple of days on Monday (to see the
musical ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert – fabulous and supposedly
coming to London) and what should be on the television when I switched it on on Wednesday morning than Dame Shirley’s voice – a short clip from the song ‘History Repeating’?!?!

All the best,

Thanks Peter. JB was even better on the BBC1 Lottery programme last night. He performed a new version of Carly Simon’s 7os hit You’re So Vain. His new album is out now.
 Here’s the edited Australian review of GTPS…

“Dame Shirley Bassey is one of those amazing singers who not only has been recording since the 50’s, but has one of the most distinctive voices in the world!

Dame Bassey is certainly not afraid of moving with the times either, having had a hit with The Propellerheads in the 90’s with History Repeating, and the new album is no exception! The opening track, Get The Party Started (also the title track) has to be one of the campest tracks I’ve heard in a while. The Pink track gets the Bassey makeover, thanks to Catherine and Nikki from Never The Bride, who convinced Shirley that this track would work in Shirley’s style.

The rest of the album is full of remixes and new songs. Of course, Big Spender is featured, and was remixed by NorthxWest to give it a new sound for a new audience, and I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this version!!!!

Other tracks featured on the album include I Who Have Nothing, This Is My Life, Can I Touch You There (the Michael Bolton hit), Hello (originally by Lionel Richie), and You Only Live Twice. There are also hot new remixes of old classics like I Will Survive (also by NorthxWest), Slave To The Rhythm, Kiss Me Honey Honey, Where Is The Love, and What Now My Love, plus a track written by Nikki and Catherine from Never The Bride, called The Living Tree.

If you’re after a camp yet classy party album, this is DEFINITELY the album for you. As unique as Dame Bassey’s voice is, it will fit nicely into any cd collection!”