KJ has something


At the Poppy Appeal launch


Many DSB fans like Katherine Jenkins, and many fans of KJ also like Shirley.

It’s the Welsh connection you see, isn’t it boyo… and the talent connection!

Both stars respect each other and get on well.

No surprise then when Katherine added her tribute version of DSB’s I (Who Have Nothing) to her new album.

In a revealing interview she said:-

“I’m trying to adapt my voice, sing more popular songs but in a classical style.

“I’m certainly not going into the pop world, that’s not me.

“I’m just trying to do something a little different, but with a classically trained voice. I’ve spent a lot of time on the songs, getting them just right, and I think it’s a big step forward for me. It feels really right.”

It’s all explained here on icWales, our good source of all things west of the Severn. 

A video of the song was featured on here on a page dated 28th October

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