Pride of Britain souvenirs



Online auction eBay can offer some unusual DSB items…

The other day, Dame Shirley’s discarded personal invitation, menu and her ticket to the post-awards party were up for grabs. 

The Pride of Britain Awards were covered here last month.

The menu was smoked salmon, poussin, panna cotta and sponsor Tesco finest wines.

I don’t know what the winning bid was, but it’s instant memorabilia for someone!  



 Bag Lady smile_157.gif

Just a reminder that DSB’s Burberry bag is still open to bids.

As detailed on blog page dated 14th November.

It’s currently £52 with 8 days to go. I hope the Collingwood Special School charity gets more, as the bag cost more new and is signed by DSB…

Link to the eBay page

Banderas wants to be a woman


Hollywood heart-throb Antonio Banderas replaced Dame Shirley this year as the star on Marks & Spencer’s Christmas advertising campaign.

(We all wanted DSB to do another year, of course.)

Tony has now revealed that he’d like to be a woman.

That’s funny, DSB never said she wanted to be a bloke!

But he only fancies being a woman for a day, “to better understand the fairer sex.” 

Read the whole story here:-