Rhydian Goes West


On tonight’s X Factor, Rhydian got another party started with an ultra-high camp version of Go West.

A winning song for Disco Week.

For those outside the ITV1 broadcast area, the video will be added asap.

Meanwhile, with their version of the Village People’s catchy song, are the ‘Camp as Christmas’ Pet Shop Boys:-

The other contestants were good too.

First Patron of GenoMed


Photo : thanks to Rien 

This has been mentioned in the past, but is worth a repeat here.

DSB often helps a range of charities in an unsung, discrete way. Before I started this blog I had no idea how much she gives.

Compared to other (and often much richer) celebs she is generous.

Just look at her recent donation of a designer handbag to a charity auction, compared to the cheaper bits and pieces from other celebs. 

In June, Dame Shirley decided to support GenoMed, a relatively unknown Next Generation Disease Management company whose business is public health. They are researching into the major aging gene.

 GenoMed’s CEO said:

“Dame Shirley has been very active in charity, raising money for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Appeal in Britain.

“… in my mind, and in the minds of many, she is actually a Queen. She embodies the human royalty of merit, talent, beauty, determination, and graceful aging. She represents the very best that is within us. By lending her name to GenoMed’s effort, Dame Shirley is signaling to the world that our mission of preventive molecular medicine reflects society’s highest aspirations.”

“Our Patrons receive no shares or money from the company. Like Dame Shirley, they are deservedly world-famous, and simply want to increase global awareness of GenoMed’s mission to delay disease and aging. We are extremely honored that Dame Shirley has agreed to be our first Patron. And we shall be naming additional Patrons from time to time.”

More info here


 (Non-DSB) Wogan’s fee for the Children in Need BBC Appeal

In contrast, there is some debate about the fact that Sir Terry Wogan has waived his £10,000 fee for fronting the telethon broadcast last night on BBC1. But that was only after his fee had been made public. Apparently he has been fronting the appeal for 18 years. Others appear on the show for free, and the phone lines are manned by volunteers.  Reportedly, the much loved personality Terry earned £800,000 last year. So many fans feel disappointed.

Personally I support Children in Need but was surprised that the anchorman is reportedly paid a fee by the BBC, and has never made any donation. Until now. What do you think?

More about it here:-



DSB on TV 2nd December


Don’t get excited – it’s only a repeat!

On the UKTV GOLD channel 2nd December.

SKY channel 109, Virgin TV 124, Top-up TV 17.

A 70 minutes special about Morecambe and Wise. The English comedy duo who still hold the record for the number of viewers.


The show will feature clips from their various TV series including guest appearances by The Beatles and Shirley Bassey.
That will certainly be her “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” sketch.

I met them once, and met Ernie again after Eric had died. They adored Shirley. Really friendly gentlemen who had reached success the hard way.


More info here on Digital Spy, the showbiz, entertainment and media news web site

In the Navy



1968 Song Book cover thanks to Carl 


Who’d have thought that a good mini-biography would turn up on the blog of a retired US Navy Officer?

Click here to read James’s page

There’s a selection of well-chosen music tracks on there too (Non-DSB).

Well done, James!