How Do You Keep The Music Playing


Photo : 2006 Wembley – Thanks to Ivan 


Thanks to midnightprism

A beautiful promotional video, filmed on location in an empty theatre.

Probably the only time DSB has sung to an empty house!

Australian News


Welcome back to Peter from the trip to Oz.

And thank you for this message, showing that all is well in the colonies…

“Hi Peggy,Got back to Blighty yesterday morning. I’m glad the email about ‘Dame Shirley in Sydney’ was of interest. After sending it, I started to do some shopping and am pleased to report that there were prominent displays of ‘GTPS’ on the new release sections in the music shops I visited. It was also on display in the Virgin store at Sydney airport! And a news stand had a copy of ‘Q’ with the wonderful photo of Dame Shirley on the packaging!

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get any pics of the displays but was told by a member of staff in one of the shops that the album is selling well.
Apparently, it even did so when they were importing it before the official Australian release!

Also while in Sydney, I went to see ‘Kiki and Herb’. They are a cabaret act – a man in drag and his piano accompanist. They’re not to everyone’s taste as they quite controversial in their humour. However, they opened the second half of the show with a storming rendition of ‘The Rhythm Divine’ which reminded me just how wonderful a song it is.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it but Michael Ball has a new album out ‘Back to Bacharach’ which includes a few numbers covered by Dame Shirley. (

All the best,

Peter. xx”

Good to hear that GTPS is selling well. Australian and New Zealand fans are loyal. DSB hasn’t toured there for years, but would get a huge welcome if she did.

Michael Ball sang duets with Shirley at the Royal Festival Hall a few years ago. They were marvellous together.

Michael is Edna Turnblad in the musical “Hairspray”. The show opened in London’s West End at the Shaftesbury Theatre on Tuesday 30 October 2007. Tickets can be obtained from:Telephone Bookings: 0207 379 5399
A £2 Booking Fee applies

The official website can be found at


Now I need no excuse to link to The Rhythm Divine:-


(Non-DSB) Camp Rhydian


As promised yesterday, here’s the video of Rhydian’s Go West.

From UK’s X Factor singing contest.

Carnegie Hall rehearsals


Here’s a good way to warm yourself up on a cold November Sunday…

Travel to New York New York, and watch an interview with Shirley and her rehearsals at Carnegie Hall.

All with the compliments of Pieter.

Part 1 : 9’29”

 Part 2 : 7’57”

 Part 3 : 5’03”