2007 Retrospective


I’m planning a “Best Of 2007” between now and Christmas, to celebrate a wonderful DSB year.

As a fan once said, “Everything is a bonus”. Not so long ago some fans feared a retirement.

You are invited to send in your thoughts, comments, favourite memories, photos etc. vintage 2007.

DSB is an emotional artist and arouses emotional reactions. She’s more than an ‘Easy Listening’ artist. 

Like the reunited Led Zeppelin, she’s gotta Whole Lotta Love 🙂

This blog belongs to every fan, so don’t be shy. Even you quiet ones! 

You can write your first name or be Anon if you prefer, I respect privacy. E-mails are deleted.

Join the retrospective and let’s hope that, with God’s blessings and no more dodgy helicopters, 2008 is as good as 2007!

Australian TV clip


Photo from Hank


You might need sunglasses to watch this rather Low Definition video from Australian TV.

Recorded during her tour in the 1980’s.

I hope the sound and picture quality don’t give you a headache!

Well, it’s better than not having the tape.

Thanks to Pieter

The Living Tree replanted


Una prima Diva!! Brava!

Enjoy the official video again … planted here …

Since March it’s clocked up 81,551 views, 203 reviews and has been favourited 684 times on YouTube.

Get The Party Started is funky, pinky and fabulicious, but for me TLT was the musical event of 2007!