Le Grand Echiquier – Trenet


Here’s the fourth in the series of restored videos from Pieter in the Netherlands.

TV5 France’s superb Le Grand Echiquier programme in 1988 with Shirley Bassey, Charles Trenet and Michel Legrand.

Fans have expressed their delight at this rare treat of a TV show. The four videos so far have shown Shirley in a relaxed setting, and in sensitive company. When she bursts into song it’s startling. Even though she had a slight cold at the time.

Songs: I Wish You Love (with Charles Trenet) & Kiss Me Honey, Honey Kiss Me:

It’s good to see her being interviewed by distinguished intellectual people. A welcome contrast to some of the more anxious UK interviewers with questions full of cliches. After seeing the quality of this broadcast, I’m not surprised Shirley declined a guest appearance on the Jonathan Ross chat show! She’s great fun, but cajoling and swearing are not her style. Music definitely is.


Above: Charles Trenet with Salvador Dali, the Spanish surrealist

Charles Trenet (1913-2001) was a French singer and poetic songwriter. He wrote a thousand songs, including La Mer (Beyond The Sea) and Boum.

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