Hot new single + album!


Hot new releases!!!

Thanks to Jonathan…

“Hi Peggy
Really enjoying your postings.
Haven’t been in touch for ages so hope all is well with you, thought you might like to know that the next BGO double CD release You take my heart away/Yesterdays is now available for pre-ordering on
(release date 4 Feb 2008 – the perfect Valentine’s present!!).
I have also heard that the remixed Big Spender may also be released as as single on 10 December (Christmas number 1 anyone?!)
Take care

There will be more spontaneous news and speculation about the rumoured single soon… stay tuned!

Watch out for a possible super single HEY BIG SPENDER in time for the Christmas market. I wonder if it will be from the GTPS album or a new remix?

The Festive Season Party has just started!


Le Grand Echiquier en plus

Part 5 in this wonderful set from Pieter

Songs: Something & As Long As He Needs Me

Rhydian’s Somewhere


Rhydian Roberts performed another winner this week on X Factor primetime knockout singing contest (24th November).

Somewhere from West Side Story.

 It looks like another Welsh singer is going to be a big star!

If you like the Riddler, see him make a surprise visit home, as shown on Welsh TV…

Vinyl to CD?


Above: classic single ‘Something’ ready for digitising on this gadget


Many fans have a collection of 33rpm LPs and 45rpm singles from the vinyl era.

Most of them, like mine, languish in storage.

So it’s time fo a new gadget!

A USB turntable, like the one above, can transfer your vinyl collection to CD or MP3.

For £80 plus £15 for the stylus, it looks pretty nifty (from the UK MAPLIN brochure).

Just wondered if any of you have used one and can share the experience? Thanks!