Ameritz backing tracks



The ‘You’re The Voice’ book of songs and CD of backing tracks reminds me that your can buy high quality accompaniments online.

Here’s a repost of info originally added here on 23rd May.

Thanks again to Steve for this link:

“Hi Peggy

Hope you are well. A website that might be of interest to readers of your fantastic blog is:
They supply backing tracks for singers and have 28 DSB tracks on there.
Their tracks are great quality and ideal not only for public performances but also for those who just want to sing along into their hairbrush in front of the mirror or indeed for special DSB themed parties to celebrate the forthcoming Glastonbury appearance and album release.
They are also great value at £4 per track (Might sound dear for one song but a bargain compared to most sites!)
The tracks can be downloaded direct to your PC or delivered on CD.
(I’ve also asked them if they will be doing a backing track for The Living Tree and they said they would be putting it into production, not sure how my lungs will cope with some of those notes though!)
Best wishes, Steve”

Since May the number of DSB songs has increased from 28 to 34…including The Living Tree. Ameritz are an excellent professional service.