2006 photo 2


Another outstanding image from last year’s tour

Taken at Wembley Arena by Ivan

Swirly Surely


The golden swirls gown, modelled by tribute act Surely Bassey at the Barnardo’s charity auction.

The auctioneer was Christopher Biggins, currently melting in the tropical jungle on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

Glad the gown went to a good home as it was bought by Hank. It’s on mannequin display, carefully guarded against the feline claws of Dame Purry Catty (see previous page).

Dame Purry Catty


The Official Blog Mascot

Dame Purry Catty

Real name: Xena

Owner: Hank

Location: The Netherlands

Hobby: Frightening goldfish

Hank is a huge fan. She crafts the most artistic panels in stained glass.

She also bought the gold swirls gown modelled by Surely Bassey at the Barnardo’s charity auction earlier this year.

Dame Purry Catty is a fiesty moggie, a warrior among cats, who also likes listening to DSB all the time. Well, in Hank’s house she doesn’t get much choice 🙂

2006 photo


From the 2006 Tour, taken at Wembley Arena by Ivan