The Power!


Taken by John den Outer, at the Royal Albert Hall in November 1984.
It is also printed in Shirley’s Book about her life.

We’ve seen this fantastic photo before… It’s well worth a repost from Rien.

(NonDSB) Rhydian


On tonight’s X Factor,  the UK ITV1 singing contest with 10M viewers…

Rhydian is through to the Final!

He first performed Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Emotional, expressive, breathtaking, passionate, stunning, perfect.

Words usually reserved for DSB.

Tumultuous applause!

The best performance of the night and the series so far.

Simon Cowell said he thought it was “Bloody fantastic!”

 Then for his second performance, the Riddler sang one of the biggest anthems of all time…

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Standing ovation after a world class performance from a fantastic guy.

Cardiff-born Rhydian Roberts said he would do anything to get throught to next week’s finals.

The competition is fierce! A £1M recording contract is the prize.

As before, there will be a YouTube video on here as soon as it appears.

Brolly Shirley 2


Third and final image from the umbrella photo opportunity.

 Complete with friendly paparazzi.

Thanks to Rien. 

And thanks to Ian for adding these comments:

“The pictures of DSB with a brolly are from 1981.

Shirley looks older there than she does today!!!”

…That’s a terrific compliment, Ian!

All women would love to look younger than they did 26 years ago. Whatever she takes, I’d like some 🙂

Silver Anniversary 1978

“The golden Bond girl of them all. She could eat all the others for breakfast.”

…is how Shirley is introduced at this TV spectacular from 1978.

Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever are performed with classic power. This time with unusual orchestrations that I haven’t heard before or since.

Please click the play arrow twice to give your weekend a boost…

Thanks to Pieter for another super addition.

Ian kindly added this additional information:

“I think this clip is actually from 1987 in the black sequinned gown.
DSB did this medley at the 1987 Bafta awards 25th anniversary for
Bond films.”

And Simon added:

Hi Peggy
> That Fab clip of our Dame is from the mid 80s and was filmed at Granada
> Studios in Manchester.. if i remember correctly it was before her big
> “comeback” as the papers called it , performance at the Royal Command
> where she sang No Place Like London, I could Have Danced All Night and Hey Jude.
> Thanks and have a good weekend
> S