Townhouse Hit


Jean-Francois has sent this report from New York City. It’s about how DSB’s music is a hit in the gay club world:


“Well, yesterday I went to a very posh gay bar in midtown Manhattan called The Townhouse.

It was crowded with a nice atmosphere, with more olde established clientele.

They played full blast a few songs from Shirley’s new album which was great.

Downstairs there’s another very nice smaller room. I heard Shirley singing Solitaire from the 1983 A Special Lady DVD.

I went into the room and guess what…?  Shirley was singing her heart out on a giant screen, so that was fun.

And, guess what again…? Half of the bar came downstairs to watch it. Word got around. It was so much fun to see all those guys mesmerised.

They have been playing her DVD for over a month. Funnnnn!”

 A reviewer of the A Special Lady DVD on Amazon UK said:

“This is a must for any Bassey fans. Nice to hear a few new songs in this show like Dont Cry out Loud. This DVD is an abridged TV show from the early 80s, but it is worth buying as Bassey is allowed to do what she does best.  That is sing to a live audience. GREAT!”

(Non-DSB) Rhydian video

As promised yesterday, here are the videos of Rhydian’s two winning performances on X-Factor last night:

Bringing down the house with Bridge Over Troubled Water… “Bloody fantastic!” said Simon Cowell.

Then You’ll Never Walk Alone…

And this from Rhydian’s blog earlier in the day…

I predict he will win X Factor next week. Then looking forward to seeing this great Welsh singer live in concert in 2008.

Unless Dame Shirley’s on the same night, or Led Zeppelin 🙂

Poland concert 1985

Here’s a clip from a magnificent concert in Poland : Sopot 1985.

This Is My Life


From Pieter, with special thanks to our friend Bohdan in Poland

Sopot is a seaside town on the Baltic Sea in northern Poland, with a population of approximately 40,000.

It’s a large health-spa and tourist resort destination. The city is also famous for its Sopot International Song Festival, the largest such event in Europe after the Eurovision Song Contest.


The beach and 500m pier at Sopot

(Non-DSB) Jane Horrocks


Well, I wasn’t sure whether to add this impersonation by Jane Horrocks.

I thought some fans might see it as mocking.  Which it isn’t.  Jane is a fan like us, and a really talented singer in her own right.

The song is funny too, with clever words. So sit back, smile and have a laugh!


Thanks to Maxine Bendix

One of Britain’s most acclaimed actresses, Jane’s best known for roles in the films Little Voice and Life Is Sweet, and her portrayal of eccentric secretary Bubble in sitcom Absolutely Fabulous.

More about Jane on Wikipedia here