Breakfast in bed


Above: 1991 Dusseldorf (John den Outer)


It’s 1993 and Shirley is interviewed by Paula Yates on Breakfast TV.

On a studio set designed to look like a boudoir.

Including a chat about Hey, Big Spender! Matching this week’s single.

Please click on this link to see the interview:-



Paula Yates was a TV-age celebrity in Britain, as famous for her high-profile romances and personal problems as for her professional talents. She grew famous in the 1980s as a saucy host and presenter on TV’s The Tube and later on The Big Breakfast, where she interviewed celebrity guests in bed.


She married rocker and activist Bob Geldof in 1986; the couple broke up in 1995, when Yates began dating Australian rock star Michael Hutchence.


After Hutchence’s death in 1997 Yates had a series of troubles, among them a nervous breakdown and a stint in drug rehab. She died in September of 2000, her death officially ruled a heroin overdose.


Read Paula Yates full story on Wikipedia


Thanks to Pieter for the video and the notes

Lyrics bank



Above: photo from Rien. Anyone know who the bloke is? When and where?


Thanks to Superfans Rien and his lovely wife Iet, here’s a link to a source of lyrics for 144 of DSB’s songs…

“Dear Peggy,

From a very stormy Holland this link I found

this morning at the internet.

Maybe you can use it for the blog??

Till soon and love !!   Rien”

Click on the link (ignore the smileys), and scroll down and pick a song.

Then scroll down in the new page to read the lyrics. Or sing them 🙂

A useful web site to add to your favourites.