Snakes and Ladders

Dame Shirley’s game?


Thanks to Peter for these snippets… 

“Hi Peggy,

Am LOVING the new mix of ‘Big Spender’! Who in January could have
predicted three singles from Dame Shirley in one year?!?!

Anyway, just in case you have not seen it, here is a link to a nice
story about stars sharing their Christmas memories. It features this
memory from Dame Shirley:

“Snakes and ladders always gave me great joy to play as a child and kept me out of trouble!”

(Scroll down a bit to find DSB)

Also, I happened to be at Canary Wharf last Thursday and caught the
last ten minutes or so of Carolyn Rowe. I saw her do ‘Something’,
‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Diamonds are Forever’. Sadly, I did not have my
camera but she was wearing the 1994 RVP dress – all those lovely
tassles. Her mannerisms were uncanny and she has some voice!

All the best,


(Non-DSB) Leon wins X Factor


In the final phone-in poll, Scottish singer Leon just pipped Rhydian at the post.

Voting had been just one percent apart. 



My favourite, Rhydian Roberts, is the bext big star from Wales.  A country that has been producing remarkable singers for years.

His Christmas song “was so beautifully sung.” said Danii Minogue

Simon Cowell said that Rhydian is a world star.

Danii wants him to sing at her house on Christmas day!

During the week he had been greeted  by huge crowds in his home village.

In Cardiff, a big reception at the Millennium Centre. Another crowd gathered tonight at Cardiff City Hall to cheer him on.

His songs were the Christmas carol One Night Divine and Somewhere from West Side Story.

“It was quite simply brilliant” said Simon.

All the kids in Cardiff are dressing like him!

Rhyd admitted he was overwhelmed.


Each of the finalists sang a duet with a celebrity.


Brother and sister pop duo Same Difference sang Any Dream Will Do with Jason Donovan. They came third.


Rhydian sang You Raise Me Up with Katherine Jenkins.

“Wales is going to be very proud of you tonight” she said.


Congratulations to Leon, who did a jazzy duet with Kylie Better The Devil You Know.

Leon and Rhydian, the final two, performed their Christmas singles.

Although he came second, I’m sure we’ll see more of Rhyd soon.

Vidoes will be added here when available.

Partying tonight


Biggins and Bassey are boogying together tonight!

This message received from Ian yesterday says it all… 

“Hi Peggy! Exciting news!!!! On ‘Loose Women’ at lunchtime Christopher Biggins was the guest.

 He said tomorrow he is having his 59th birthday party with Dame Shirley’s 70th birthday party at a country retreat in Clifton.

No doubt we will be invited at the last hour!”

I don’t think so … they will be comparing their experiences in the mud!

DSB’s Glastonbury mudfest and Biggins’ mucky Australian jungle.



Red Cockerel Gown



The Red ‘Cockerel’ Gown ( Pictures can be found in Blazers programme 1984, Live in Berlin 1987 show and various tour programmes)

A favourite of many fans!

Designed by Sara Perceval in 1983.

A gorgeous red sequinned gown, with asymetrical neckline.


We called this gown the ‘cockerel’ because of the attached trailing cape, attached at Dame Shirley’s left shoulder, which had feathers giving a ‘cockerel’ effect.  

Click here to see Arthur’s Theme performed in Berlin 

Dame Shirley wore it many times in the 1980’s, notably at Blazers in Windsor, at her Berlin concert in 1987, and without the attached ‘cockerel’ in 1987 at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, where I remember Dame Shirley rose up out of the understage to sing ‘A View to a Kill’ in a blaze of smoke!

Click here to see A View To A Kill

Dame Shirley always steals the show.

Sadly this gown was destroyed in a fire, so was not in the gown sale in 2003.

Thanks to Ian for this fascinating description, and to Scot for the videos.


No red roosters were hurt in the making of this gown