Gown news


From gown guru Ian comes this confirmation:

 “The gown DSB wore to her party is the one she wore for the ‘Boyz’ photo shoot in the autumn.

Did Madge party?


“According to reports in the UK press, Madonna was among the guests of the 70th birthday party for Dame Shirley Bassey at Cliveden House Hotel in Berkshire, last Sunday.”

To date, after seeing lots of photos, I haven’t seen any pictures of Madonna at the party.

Does anyone know any better?

As Toyah Wilcox might sing, # It’sh a myshtery # 🙂

Here’s a link to Madonna Tribe fans web site that mentions the event.

(Non-DSB) Rhydian’s £1m deal

(Non-DSB) Just a quick link to some good news from ‘On The Box’.

“Welsh wonder Rhydian Roberts is set to follow in the footsteps of Dame Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones after he signed a £1 million record deal with music mogul Simon Cowell.”

If interested, please click here for the full story.

Ivan’s art


WOW! Just feast your eyes on this work of art from my Italian friend Ivan.

He’s an artist by vocation, and produces the most beautiful interiors in Rome for homes, restaurants and old buildings.

Pure genius.  Molto bene.

This message arrived today:

“…at the end even I have a blog…where to speak about my world!
Could I miss the Dame in my early post???????
you can always use every part you want.
Love, Ivan”