300,000 parties


On 15th December I ‘appealed’ for fans to help get the number of views up from 290.412 to over 300,000 by Christmas.  (So appealing!)


Well, it’s now 305,085.

I don’t know if that’s natural organic growth, or boosted by the support from you wonderful fans. A bit of both?

The masquerade video is another achievement in 2007, spreading joy at parties over Christmas and the New Year.


Congratulations to Hera King who produced the masterpiece, and to Harvey and Caroline at Crossroads Films for directing it. May there be many more.

Card from Shirley


Memorabilia : a card sent to a fan in the 1960s

Cilla’s a friend


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This is a follow-up to the page on 22nd December about a Daily Telegraph report.

They said that “Cilla and Shirley have been frosty with each other for 40 years”

“…their feud … originated years ago when George Martin asked Bassey to sing a Burt Bacharach number and then decided Cilla should sing it instead.”


Well, I was sceptical about what they said, and commented “That’s news to me. They seem to have got on famously at the weekend.”

In fact I nearly didn’t add it to the blog, it seemed such nonsense.

And I was right to find it hard to believe. The Telegraph apparently got it wrong.
Shirley and Cilla are true friends. I have received this comment from a reliable source:
“It’s not Cilla Black that feud was with, it’s DIONNE WARWICK! The song was Anyone Who Had A Heart.”
Now that makes more sense. Silly Telegraph!
How can anyone who has a heart hate our Cilla, chuck? 🙂
And I doubt if there are any negative feelings today towards Dionne.
Any comments are welcome.