Christmas in England


Dame Shirley is spending Christmas in England with her daughter Sharon, partner Des and their family.

From ic Wales

Lovely Day for Muppets


On Christmas Day we’re having some fun with Shirley and The Muppets.

For children of all ages.

Thanks to Pieter for the last super video for your entertainment.

1) Isn’t It A Lovely Day dance routine from the 1979 BBC TV series, then

2) Part of her 1980 appearance in The Muppets Show, where she was arrested for stealing all the


 A false allegation, of course! It had been stolen earlier in the show by a naughty gang of Muppet villains!


Wikipedia page

Official website



More fun with those Muppets…


“Here is the link for the Muppets-Goldfinger, along with some screenshots.
I could not pick out the best pictures because I like them all, so
that’s something you have to do yourself (ha, ha, difficult,
All the best from Pieter”
Thanks for this treat, Pieter.

It’s not difficult, I’m adding all of them! Ho Ho!

Card from Shirley 2


Another vintage 1960s card sent to a fan.

From the memorabilia collection of Jean-Francois.