An Audience With


Videos just added by Pieter of the 1995 ITV programme An Audience With Shirley Bassey

Filmed in front of a celebrity audience. (I was in the Non-VIP balcony!)

 Part 1 – As If We Never Said Goodbye, and I Was Born To Sing Forever 

 Part 2 – The Lady Is a Tramp, and that great song by rock group Foreigner: I Want To Know What Love Is

More soon

2006 UK Tour photo


Manchester June 2006

A feather fell off Julien Macdonald’s gown

Thanks to Steve Warren – who has the feather


Welcome messages

I hope you, your family and friends had a good Christmas.

I’m grateful for every one the kind messages received from fans over the holiday. Shirley’s fans are simply the best.

We are a worldwide community. From Chile to Japan, and most points in between, there are DSB fans.

Here’s a selection:

From England: 

“Hi Peggy, Happy Christmas to you. A big thankyou for keeping us up to
date with our Dame Shirley. Where would we be without you? Michael xxxx”

“Just a quick message to wish you a very happy Christmas and say a huge
thank you for your fab blog. I cant even begin to think how much time
it takes you to put this information together but its very much
Happy new year and keep up the good work.
 Love and best wishes, Martyn”

From America: 
“I just wanted to drop by and thank you so much for all your wonderful
efforts to bring Shirley to us fans all over the world. We feel like
we’re a part of her life, even if she doesn’t know us personally.

Thank you for your Christmas wishes on your last e-mail to me, and I
want to also wish you and your family a most blessed Christmas, too.
Take Care and Have Fun!
 From Europe:

“The Shirley/Les clip is a hit!  So many fans have watched it, but probably also a lot of Les Dawson fans! He was amazing wasn’t he?

I must confess I spent most of my Christmas Day watching Les Dawson clips on YouTube. He was so funny and you are surely blessed to have met him and his wife.

Sorry that he is no longer with us. But there are these great memories of him.

And Shirley was GREAT with him. Also the things they did in the 1979 shows.

Right now I am uploading the first An Audience With Shirley Bassey.

So have a wonderful weekend and keep up the good work!

All the best from Pieter xxx”

(Non-DSB) Queen B


Comic actor Christopher Biggins has been a Dame for 38 years. That is, a pantomime Dame.

There’s a new interview with him in the Daily Mail, please click here to link.

“The night before I had seen Biggins appear as Father Christmas at Dame Shirley Bassey’s lavish birthday party at Cliveden in Berkshire.

He hadn’t left the company of his partying friends Joan Collins, Cilla Black, Bruce Forsyth and, of course, Bassey, until 12.30am.

But there is no sign of weariness as he arrives at the restaurant as boisterous as ever, shrieking with laughter as he greets friends and moves from one table to another.

Funnily enough, it had also been Biggins’ 59th birthday on the day of the Bassey bash, but he deliberately kept quiet about it while the 600 guests sang Happy Birthday to Dame Shirley.

“You don’t upstage a Dame!” he says with a chuckle.”

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