A positive start!


I liked this positive New Year message from Gary so much, that it’s just got to be blogged!  

 “Hello Peggy,I would like to wish you and all of the DSB fans (and of course The Dame) a happy and safe 2008!

2007 was a great year. It has been about a year since I discovered this blog and all of the great DSB performances on YouTube.

Through these venues, I have seen Miss Bassey at an early age up to being Dame Shirley Bassey and still looking and sounding great!  Wow!

One of the many things that impress me about DSB is her knack for keeping up with each generation. She did not stay an artist from the past. I am glad I did not see her on the TV doing “oldie” shows for PBS or pitching “oldie” top 40 recordings.

But a true, gifted and smart artist does not fall by the wayside and she certainly did and will not. Every generation will discover her. Thankfully, we will being hearing from Dame Shirley Bassey for a long time!  The best is yet to come….



Thanks Gary, a lot of fans will agree… and a happy and safe 2008 to you!